Evented Image Based Menu

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Basically its a way to customize your in game menu by disabling it completely and using images to make your menu while only calling the actual menu scenes you need though evening. it uses 2 switches,2 variables,3 common events and 2 plugins ( a keybind and a preloader for images) Read More

DoubleX RMVXA Enhanced YSA Battle System: Classical ATB Tutorial

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As the main theme of ECATB is to give you as much control and freedom as possible while still keeping it as user-friendly as possible, while the reality is that you can easily get lost in its gigantic user configurations, this tutorial is made. Although fully utilizing ECATB needs decent scripting proficiency, it still tries to target as many of you as possible, so this tutorial is divided into various levels targeting users with various scripting proficiencies. If you think you belong to level x, you're advised to read from Level 1 to Level x, although you might learn something extra if you read Level x + y as well. Bear in mind that you can always freely ask me for help, so it's ok if you still can't figure out things yourselves even after reading this tutorial. I'll try to give you a working answers for your needs, and I'll even try to explain how things work if you want. Read More

DoubleX RMVXA Variable Pointers Tutorial

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This topic aims to aid users understand how to fully utilize this script. It assumes you've basic pointer, script call and game variable knowledge, and little scripting proficiency, but you still might gain something if you don't meet the above assumptions. Read More

Basic knowledge to the default RMVXA battle flow implementations

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This topic aims to share my understandings to the default RMVXA battle flow implementations, and I'll only share basic stuffs here. However, you're still assumed to have at least iittle scripting proficiency(having written at least few basic Ruby codes) and basic knowledge to the default RMVXA battle flow on the user level(At least you need to know what's going on on the surface when playing it as a player). Read More