Create your own Pause Screen

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Not sure how to create a pause screen? Watch this video to get started on eventing your own pause screen from scratch! All you need is a picture for your pause screen. Read More

Camera Control Techniques for your Game

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Sometimes, you may want to focus the camera on a different object, or an arbitrary position on the map. For cut-scenes where the player is not involved, for example, you would typically have to set the player's graphic to transparent and then move the player to the cut-scene's location.  After the cut-scene is over, you would then move the player back to where they were. Read More

Beginner's guide to RGSS Part 2

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Part 2! In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to do more advanced stuff like setting up controls, and possibly working with the battle system. Again, I'll be adding too this as I learn more. Read More