Beginner's guide to RGSS Part 2

 Bob423        4,220    3

Part 2! In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to do more advanced stuff like setting up controls, and possibly working with the battle system. Again, I'll be adding too this as I learn more. Read More

Debug Mode (and why you should disable it)

 wyatt        14,283    0

This is a tutorial to allow you to create a .exe to play an RPG Maker game in debug/test mode. This might be useful for various things: debugging a game you are testing for someone (perhaps they mixed up their passabilities), viewing variables while playing, and so on. It can also be used for cheating in games - which is why protection against this should be performed (which I will also explain here). Read More

FFT Style Job/Mission System

 darkcieran        2,133    2

Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've written a tutorial, so I thought I'd write one on an event system that I pretty proud of! It's a Job/Mission System inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics! Read More

Beginner's guide to learning RGSS by an experienced beginner.

 Bob423        6,832    6

While I don't know everything about rgss, I'm getting better, and the biggest problem for me, was getting started. Every scripting tutorial I've ever seen started by explaining variables and things that, at first, don't seem important at all. I plan to make one that will get you started in the right direction so you're not stuck like I was. Everything I know about rgss will be in here, eventually, and I plan to update as I learn, to share my knowledge in a way that doesn't scare people. Read More

Cosmetic Fog Layers

 Tomo2000        4,088    3

This tutorial will teach you how to add custom lighting effects to maps without requiring any scripts. For this tutorial, you will require Photoshop (or the equivalent), and a decent understanding of both RPG Maker XP and the graphics program you'll be using. Read More