Eventing a Fish System

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I thought I would go with something a bit basic.. fishing! Since I include a fishing system in my upcoming VX game I thought I'd let you guys know how to make one too if you don't know. :3 Read More

Eventing a Stable System

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This tutorial will show you how to make a Stable System, so you can buy to have a horse in your party or drop it off, simply with one variable and a few conditional branches. Good for farm games Read More

Changing the Game Font

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This is a tutorial that all scripters should already know how to do, change the font. This tutorial is for beginners who don't really like the original font set for their game. Read More

Understanding more about colors and RGB values

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Today I will teach you how to "discover" the colors to use in your scripts without having to get to know what is killing the RGB code of a given color. For this lesson we'll use the MS Paint, or the self RpgMaker To "discover" the RGB values. Read More