Our Mission

Our mission is to support and promote game development by providing resources, answering our members support topics, and providing a place to share and play games made by the community.

Quality content

GDU will aim to produce good quality content that is exclusive to the site and offer incentives for the authors who choose GDU to host it. RMXPU being a home to 2nd hand resources had long-term benefits but was overall damaging to building the community. No more content will show up on GDU that was coped form somewhere else, unless by a member.

Central content system

At one point in time on RMXPU there were 4 locations where you could find a script. This included on the website, on the forums and in the downloads manager. Similar for tutorials, specific content was not located in one place. Sections for each class of content will be created based on the needs of each and to allow all visitors to the site to find what they want as easily and efficiently as possible. This means that content will not be posted in forum topics anymore.

An example is our tutorials system, which will replace all tutorials posted in topics.

Forum topics are temporary

Many indie game development sites setup a forum and leave it at that. Forums for everything – graphics, scripts, tutorials etc. It works but its not the best way to do things. Certain content needs different things – more than just a single textbox filled with bbcode. The theory behind the GDU forum is temporary benefits. The best example of this is a support topic. A member makes a topic requesting help, another member answers the topic, the topic is closed and forgotten about. It never needs to come up again except in searches for those who have the same problem. The specific forums on GDU will be determined based on this temporary benefits theory, with long-term benefits content in their own sections.


With the need for many more sections that just a forum, a lot more coding and new sections must be developed. For this to happen, member integration and theme integration must be seamless. On RMXPU the theme is made to look identical but there are different images and different CSS styles for both of those themes. Similarly members have a forum account and a website account that used to login at the same time. On GDU, there is no duplicate code – globally across the site the theme is generated from the exact same file, and the members use their forum account everywhere. The website and forum are essentially one system.

Finding the content you are interested in

You will be able to manage and keep track of the things that interest you on a dashboard. You will be able to find content based on your personal set of tags/keywords, see who has replied to your topics or see replies to topics you have posted in, keep track of new/updated content that you choose, see the activity of members you choose to follow, etc. All the possible activity across GDU will be in one centralised location so you don’t miss out on anything.

Value in your account

Your GDU account should be valuable and worth something. This is the point behind the points system and an awards system.

Effective collaboration and hosting of games

The games section is for you to upload your games for the visitors to download and play – think of it as your own website for your game. You will have a large range of options to customize your games pages and attract visitors to download it. On top of that, you will be able to add ‘team members’ to your game to have access to your own control panel. The control panel is a collaboration/team management system that is used to develop your team project online with other members of the community, rather than through Personal Messages or topics posts. This system will also include a recruitment system which will available publicly so you can attract members to your team.