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Games Section feedback request

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Hey guys


I thought I would take a sec to ask you guys what you would like to see on the GDU Games section. There are a large number of other websites that do exactly same, but I suppose a bit differently. 


What new features are important for you as a developer? 


What do you think needs to be changed? 


I appreciate the feedback :)

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Personally, I think there should be more features to suit the person viewing the game page. So like, maybe the ability to divide the home page into sections would be nice. I think it would also be cool to be able to customize the colours of the page, such as backgrounds for the gamepages, and possibly instead of just having the name of the game, you can choose the option to use a custom photo where the title on the main page would go.

I also think it would be worth having something like the ESRB description of why a game is rated as it is. Like my game has simulated gambling, fictional references to drugs, fantasy violence, and other stuff.


I also think that maybe the featured games should be updated, or updates on it's own, and for the cancelled or inactive games on this site to enter another part of GDU's game section for unfinished/abandonded games that aren't going to be picked up soon or were just left alone and uncompleted.


Besides that, I can't think of anything else.

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28418-wonder-s-war-3853f.jpgok so like maybe I'm going backwards in development by improving everything to be custom.
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My biggest gripe with the Games Section is the customization(or lack thereof for this kind of website everywhere). I'd like to be able to create and arrange modules in the landing page, that way I'd can manage what I want the viewer to see and where to focus their attention. Something like I want to move the screenshots area to be a vertical section on the right and have announcements at the center top. Much like features that already exist for the drag and drop/snap fit website builders.


Minor improvements for existing things include being able to adjust the position of title image and being able use a custom preview image(currently just uses the left edge of the title image).

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