Persistent Data Script

  black mage        1,323    1

Persistent data is a data that is still exist when the player visit the game again. The example of this is stuff like a “New Game +” feature on some game, system setting, unlockables and gallery. However, RMXP only load stored data when a player ... Read More

Special Invulnerable State Script

  black mage        1,280    0

Let me clear this first. Death/Knockout states in RPG Maker XP is making the character invulnerable to attacks. Well, technically there’s no point to attack someone who’s been Death/Knockout at the first place, thus granting them the invulnerable... Read More

TitleScreenZ 1.1

  Arpib Z Zaszi        1,662    0

This script is used to edit the Title Screen your game, for example randomize a lot of pictures and then choose one image to be used as image Title Screen and randomize a lot of BGM and select a BGM to be used as BGM Title Screen.... Read More

Skip Message Feature Script

  black mage        1,892    0

There’s a time when we game-over-ed several times on certain game. The bad thing is, when we want to return to the place where we game-over-ed, we need to go through a lot of boring lines which we already read before. Sometimes we wondered if only ... Read More

Party Changer Menu Script

  black mage        3,135    3

When you using RMXP, you’ll notice that when the party is full then you need to take out someone in your party before adding the other character. When you have small number of available characters, this wouldn’t be a problem as it can be solved u... Read More

Grid Inventory Script

  HeathLocke        3,904    2

This is an edit of the old Diablo Item Style script. It fixes (hopefully) all of the previous version bugs and adds some new features. Before installing it on your game, make sure you have adapted your database. Check script for more info.... Read More

Quest Markers

  drago2308        3,861    0

This is a script that allows for an event to have a quest marker displayed above it. ... Read More

Prussian Interface Engine (P.I.E.)

  Tigurus        7,009    4

The Prussian Interface Engine ([b]P.I.E.[/b]), though a fancy name, is a script that changes nearly every default menu and adds several new functions as well. The script is made to be user-friendly, look nice and work with other scripts easily. (The ... Read More

Morale Battle Script

  Tigurus        2,365    0

This script adds a morale bar to the battle system. The morale bar changes when the battle goes bad or well and gives bonuses to the party or removes stats from the party. Please refer to the demo.... Read More