New Character Properties with Calls

  Punk        2,716    0

This script adds additional properties from the Sprite class to Game_Character such as angle, color, mirror, tone, zoom_x, and zoom_y. For this version, I also combined my Event Angle/Color/Mirror/Tone/Zoom add-ons and my script calls with this scrip... Read More

Switchless Common Events

  Punk        1,576    0

Remember how in RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, you didn't need to rely on switches in order for your common events to run on parallel process and autorun? Well, it's back. This script lets you set which common events are going to run in either pa... Read More

OmegaX Zelda Hearts system

 Omegas7        675    0

I am quite sure there might be a bug or two, I wasn't thinking much and just rushed into it XD. Do report anything here: This system is specifically for your Zelda fan games, anyway, re... Read More

Animated Battlers VX

  DerVVulfman        9,167    0

This system allows you to convert your default battlesystem into a sideview battlesystem using actual 'battlers' rather than charset graphics.... Read More

Magica Scroll System

  Dark Dragon        4,202    0

This script allows you to equip your party with scrolls before entering a battle, which allows them to use certain skills. This will make a player think of a strategy before entring a battle and then applying it in the battle ground.... Read More

Point Spend System

 Drago del Fato        521    0

With this script you will increase the attributes by yourself inside the game. I've already made one for RMXP back in the day and I decided to make another one just for RMVX. You can set a limited number of points to be spent per each new level, and ... Read More

Move Player Diagonally

 Yumiru        605    0

Allows the Player to move diagonally on the map but pressing 2 of the arrow keys down together... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII battle system

 Naridar        591    0

Final Fantasy XIII. The newest installment in the award-winning RPG series, it again introduced a new battle system, one that is quick-paced and strategic at the same time. The aim of this script is to replicate this system.... Read More