Two plugins in one because they were designed to work with each other but not required. Use tools to plant and harvest crops within your RPG. Eventing and database knowledge required.


This Simple crops plugin was designed to make a farming mechanic similar to Harvest Moon but more basic. It is 'simple' because the mechanics are simple, not because it's simple to set up - it requires eventing and database knowledge as it uses them mixed with script calls to control all aspects of planting and harvesting.
You will need to set up your own crop event charactersheets (see the demo for a template you could use) as it requires them to be laid out in a certain way.

The Tools plugin was designed to work with the Simple Crops, allowing you to use those tools to manipulate the crops. It doesn't just work with the crop plugin, however. It creates a small hud on the screen to indicate what tool the player has equipped and the player can cycle through tools and press a button to use the currently selected one.
Tools can be set up to do anything that your eventing and database knowledge can think of also with the help of script calls.



- Copy the "Galv_SimpleCrops.js" file into your project's /js/plugins/ folder.
- and/or Copy the "Galv_Tools.js" file into your project's /js/plugins/ folder.
- Activate the desired plugins using the 'Plugin Manager'
- Read the help files and examine the demo to learn how they work
- Look in the demo /img/characters/ folder for example on how crop charactersets should be set up

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Terms, Conditions & License

Free to use in any RPG Maker MV project including commercial. Please credit "Galv".

Attribution 3.0 Unported

You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor. Commerical use allowed.


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