Extra Settings for Choices

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There’s request [url=http://www.gdunlimited.net/forums/topic/12658-choices-timer-forced-choices/]here[/url] regarding of choices on RMVXA. Most of the time, choices are just some factor that make the game progression branched or something like that... Read More

DoubleX RMMV Unit Filters

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Lets you use plugin calls to use new unit filters in order to write much, much less codes to perform much, much more tasks... Read More

DoubleX RMMV Skill Hotkeys

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Lets you bind hotkeys to skills for actors outside battles, and use them to select usable skills for actors inside battles... Read More

Fast Travel Script

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Fast travel is a concept where you have several locations in a map (Usually this map is called an overworld map) and by selecting one of those locations, you’re transported to their respective location.... Read More