QUESTION / 27 FEB 2017

Why is RPG Maker MV so unstable with sound?

Now for this isn't ciritcism for the most part I enjoy using RPG Maker MV with everything that is included however for some reason the engine has a few issues that I do not know how to diagnose like sound parts of the engine crashing when using certain BGM assets I got from a site I love his work ofc. Other issues will be it's ability to detect ogg files its very rare I run into this issues but sometimes ogg files dont even get detected.



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Roody I - 11 months ago

Have you tried reinstalling MV? Did you import the music correctly? Or maybe a plugin is messing with the sound? 

I don't own MV so I can't help you much but these are hunches that could be the problem..


GraveBusta @rgangsta - 11 months ago

let me try using steam;s verify file ingegrity feature i doubt it will work or reinstalling but worth a try


The Ghost of GDU - 11 months ago

I know that there is an issue sometimes with the player playing oggs. Things that could cause it include:

The ogg file being corrupted, having information in the metadata that can not be accepted, the LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH numbers are wrong, or could be spelt wrong like LOOPSSTART or LOOPLEGNTH. A plugin for sound is causin issues, the file was not converted properly to ogg, it's a really big file, or just simply there is a problem with the program playing it. You don't have to import the music correctly, as you can just drag the files you need into the rpg maker mv folder, and work from there. Also, make sure you didn't rename anything, as if you rename a file, and are using it in the game, it will not detect the file, and report an error.


GraveBusta - 11 months ago

Well it seems that Yanfly's plugin fixed the issue 


Chief - 11 months ago

The Audio APIs for javascript/browser are all fairly unstable. There's been a lot of progress to fix them over the past couple of years, but there will always be slight hiccups here and there, especially between browser implementations, so that could also be a contributing factor.

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