SNAPSHOT / 01 APR 2017

What is gone, what will remain?

This is just going to be a just a list of any removed mechanics from Prophet Sword, along with some mechanics I hopefully intend to keep.

The following have been removed:

- Job system has been scrapped, replaced with skill point system.

- Arena has been scrapped, replaced with a small nod to it's existence. [See picture]

- Mini dungeons have been removed, and replaced with the paths, as seen in the last post.

- "Hero signs" are no longer present.

Just three, once promised, and prevelant mechanics in Prophet Sword I wanted to announce will no long be present. It's best to see them gone, rather than have them in a disfunctional state.

Things that are here to stay:

- The healing fairies are going nowhere, and the most that will happen with them is that their sprite will be changed.

- Every characters limit abilities are now locked. They will all have one powerful attack, and one powerful buff that they can use on themselves.


Christopher [REDACTED]

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Lucas D - 8 months ago

Why remove the arena? Every RPG needs an arena.


Padre_Yoku - 8 months ago

A skill point system would be great!

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