Welcome to the Refinery!

*cuts ribbon*

I am very pleased to welcome you guys to the GDU Refinery (lets call it "open beta"?) after starting development on the concept 6 months ago. It's been a long time coming - although I've only been able to spare a few hours (or less) during the evenings.

Lets get into it.


The GDU Refinery is a show and tell for game developers. It's a modern community based on sharing your works, ideas and achievements - those you would never post on forums because you probably think it doesn't warrant a topic. Here it does - if you're doing anything game-dev related, you've got reason to be a part of this community :)


There's more to the refinery than you can see - make sure you explore and check out everything I mentioned below!

  • 6 different content types (click on the links to see the examples I've uploaded) with unique features for displaying content:
  • Activity system (see your followees activitity)
  • Notification system (when someone interacts with your content)
  • Profile showing everything you're up to
  • Invite system. Their profile will show that you invited them.
  • Follow members
  • Follow posts
  • Like posts
  • Like comments
  • Indented comment system - reply to individual posts
  • Display names (that's why my name is different. I encourage you to use your real name and real photo).
  • Display picture colour rings - choose between 6 colours as a way to personalise your GDUr.
  • Everything is live - viewing posts, making posts, commenting, etc. Do it all without reloading a page.
  • Link your game to a post (See how I've linked this to the GDU staff page *looks up, to the right*)
  • Wysiwig text editors. I may receive complaints these are too simple - lemme know what you guys need and you'll get it.


You guys are first on-scene and it's impossible to develop something like this in isolation. I really couldn't continue this without releasing it and getting some real users posting content. Pleeeeeeease help me debug, recommend features, give me any feedback.


Promotion of Kitsuki to GDUr Mod

GDU Refinery is a system in itself, but I've tacked it on GDU. Accordingly the moderators are (or will be in the future), different from those on the forums. These are the initial GDUr mods:

  • Me
  • Pol
  • Bob
  • Kitsuki

Mark M


Roody I - 1 year ago

This is awesome!!


Mark M - 1 year ago

Thanks Roody 

I'm calling what you see now a sort of open beta - so still working things out. I'm already 1/2 way through a UI redesign. Something a lot sleeker 



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