VIDEO / 10 FEB 2017

Ways to have fun with cheaters

Cheaters will always find a way to get things they shouldnt or get to areas they shouldnt be able to get to. Why not leave them an umm.... "reward" for getting to such places?


Lucas D

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The Ghost of GDU - 1 year ago

Oh I put lots of these in Wonder's War....

Except you get a 'special scene' if you cheat.


Padre_Yoku - 1 year ago

999,999,999 Gol... I mean Tica.


Lucas D @Yokuto Akiyama - 1 year ago

XD. Tica is the actual currency in the game. I was going to type gold then remembered it was tica lol.


Roody I - 11 months ago

Awesome! My take on this would've been once the player exits the shop, they're attacked by an unkillable bandit and he robs them of all the gold. Then he'll say, "Devs can cheat, too"


Lucas D @rgangsta - 11 months ago

OMG that would have been great.


Padre_Yoku @rgangsta - 11 months ago

"Whoops! You dropped 999,999,999 Tica."

"Kid: Hey, looks shiny!"

"The kid picks up the Tica and runs away."


GraveBusta - 11 months ago

this is pretty funny I don't think I would take cheating seriously unless it was done on youtube keep your cheating personal and I wouldn't have an issue 

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