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W.W. Battle Icons + Long Explanation of Classes

So these are the skill icons for battle abilities... excluding the elemental, natural, and physical element symbols (so like fire and water, nature and toxic, mech and light).

They are the icons that appear next to the ability name to show what kind of ability it is.

The abilities in are:

On the left is Techniques (regular), White Techniques, Black Techniques descending down.

The other three on the top from left to right are Play, Necromance, and Tools.

The next middle row three are Advanced Skills, Physical, and Hex.

The last four on the bottom are Artes, Light Artes, Dark Artes, and Bloodmance.

Oh while you are here, let me tell you about what each of them are!

Techniques are possible to be used by your Sellsword, Rouge, Spy, Duelist, and Machinist.

White Techniques are possibe to be used by your White knight, and Guardian.

Black Techniques are possible to be used by your Necromancer, Werewolf, Black Knight, Rouge, Spy, and Blood Knight.

Play is possible to be used by your Gambler, and the Duelist.

Necromancy is possible to be used by your Black Knight, Hexer, and Necromancer.

Tools are possible to be used by your Gambler, and the Machinist.

Advanced Skills are possible to be used by the Guardian, the Werewolf, the Hunter and the Dragon Slayer.

Physical Skills can be used by everyone.

Hexes can be used by the Hexer, and the Ritualist.

Artes can be used by the Summoner, the Ritualist, and the Rose Mage.

Light Artes can be used by the Doctor, and the White Knight.

Dark Artes can be used by the Black Knight, and the Necromancer.

and Bloodmancy can be used by the Blood Knight, and the Ritualist.


There are also many other skills to be used, such as magic which can be used by anyone who can use any Artes, Hexes, or Necromancy, and the magician can use magic of course.

Speaking of the Magician, he is one of the three unique cases of the game, the others being the Blade Dancer and the Void Mage.

The Magician can use a special category called Illusion magic, and later, he learns abilities called Ancient Artes that only he can use, regardless of the Void Mages capabilities.

The Void Mage is unique in the ability to be the only playable party member to use Void magic. The Void Mage can also transform into one of 25+1 forms, giving her the possibility of using any other moveset, except for Ancient Artes like stated, and summoning as well.

The other one is the Blade Dancer, which is an upgraded version of another one of your party members. The Blade Dancer can use an ability category called Dancing. Only the Void Mage is the other party member who can use these abilities.

There is also one other category not talked about, which is Summoning. There is not much to show for it since each summoning icon is the summon's face sprite in the game. But the summoner is not the only one who is able to use summons, there are two characters who can summon, and the other one is not the void mage.


So yeah... I spent a lot of time figuring this stuff out... and it wasn't balancing issues. If there is a part in the game that is unbalanced in the character's favour, I'll just make the boss harder if it's way too easy, I couldn't really care much about how you break the game with insane combinations, cause that's kinda a big part of the battle system of Wonder's War in ways you don't understand. I want the player to be able to be overpowered. When you learn what PTS is, you'll understand why.

Well, that's all I have to talk about... I know it's a lot...

So... Ciao!


The Ghost of GDU

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