The Fall of Providence and the Arrival of the Demons (+ SniperNEXUS v0.1)

As the people of the city of Providence went about their daily business, a demon loomed above, waiting for its time to strike. It stayed dormant for days as it prepared to come down upon the earth...

Once the people were tucked in their beds, the demon started, slowly but surely, taking in heat. Only a slight, cool breeze swept the streets at first, but after a few minutes the area had become brittle with cold. All at once, the city became frozen, along with its people...

However, a frozen city cannot exist amidst temperate land, so the wind became strong as the cold air rushed out to warm itself. The freeze had spread all across the region until tornadoes brewed and the cities were leveled to the ground. The remaining population quarreled over the supply of food and fresh water until only around 100 citizens remained...

They each formed cities of their own: Murus, protected by its towering walls; Folum and Trinity, protected by the frozen forest; Severus, protected by a canyon and a large stretch of swamp; and Aurelius, unknown by most and on the other side of the river.

The shelter of Murus proved effective for the safety of its people until a local boy stood atop a hill at a late hour of the night. He had done so for a long while just to see the stars. As a streak of unimaginably brilliant light danced across the jet-black sky, an idea awakened inside him that would lead to a journey of chaos, quarrel, and destruction. That journey, however, would arise a new beginning for what was left of humanity.

SniperNEXUS v0.1 is out!



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