AUDIO / 01 AUG 2017

So there is lots of talk about programming on the Discord Server, so this is technically a Java pun...

In Wonder's War, there is two kinds of coffee shops you can go into. Java Nice Day, which excels in serving Expressos, and Divine Temptations, which excels in serving Lattes.

I think I may be putting too much work into this game.

I also know what an espresso is, Wonder's War's world's a weird place.


The Ghost of GDU


Lucas D - 2 weeks ago

Very nice song.


Mark M - 2 weeks ago

I would totally play this music in my coffee shop if I owned a coffee shop. In fact I might steal it and go try sell it to coffee shops in my city.


Ben S - 2 weeks ago

You should run a coffee shop for the sole purpose of playing this song in it.


Roody I - 2 weeks ago

"Wonder's War's world's"  - Say that 5 times fast.

I agree with Ben. Make this happen!

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