AUDIO / 18 APR 2017

So there are 200 Songs for Wonder's War now!

I've made 200 tracks in total for Wonder's War... and that calculates to over 10 hours of music! I'm starting to get closer to how many soundtracks are needed to be in the game. Though I'm not quite sure how many. There's one for every boss, area, character, event, and a few bonuses. So needless to say, I'm getting through them well. I've named most of the ones I need to make, and they are all listed on a file, but I'm still ordering them all into how they'll play into the game, and that's a task in itself.

So this is the 200th track I've made, it's a track that plays near the end of the game, during the final level. The final level which is made up of 10 different areas, which this is the 4th area. Hope you enjoy it!


And my computer that went for repairs is coming back this week... then I can finally finish up that demo.


The Ghost of GDU


Padre_Yoku - 9 months ago

Wonder;s War sounds like it's going to have a lot of playtime... I still can't wait for that new demo...

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