AUDIO / 31 MAR 2017

So I've had a bad week

3 of my computers are malfunctioning, my skype got hacked, and I've been getting terrible sleep.

Hasn't stopped me from making music though, though I haven't been able to make graphics for Wonder's War. So I have been drawing things in MS Paint, and photoshopping heads on Dinosaurs when I need a break from composing music.

main character in MS Paint.

and you know what this is.



The Ghost of GDU


Christopher [REDACTED] - 9 months ago

That looks good for MS Paint's standards.  

Also, very sorry to hear it's been rough for you. Hopefully you can get your computer(s) working again, and get back control of your skype.


The Ghost of GDU @DustyZiroto - 9 months ago

I did get my skype back, just still waiting for my computers to come back from repair.


Aaron N. - 9 months ago

Trump Rex: But look at my little hands! I can't press the nuclear missile button and jump at the same time!!!

That's a pretty good pixel art, though! And I like the music -- very lighthearted. It gives me the sudden urge to make fanart of Wonder's War, lol. Hope your computers are back, or that they get back soon!


Padre_Yoku - 9 months ago

Hopefully you can get your computers back, so you can work on the next demo for Wonder's War!

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