AUDIO / 03 MAR 2017

So I need your strong opinion and guidance...

I have been working on this theme for weeks, and I can't seem to make any good progress on it. I would like some strong opinions on this piece because I really need the help.

Are there things you like in this track? Things you want me to improve/redo? Should I change how some things enter? Should I add anything in? Where should I go from where it ends off near the end? Please, be as harsh as possible with critiquing, for I need it a lot.

And for what this theme is, it's a theme for the first city in Wonder's War called Imperia. It's like Bowerstone Industrial from Fable 3 if you want to go see what I'm kinda going for. Except it's kinda military like, having guards all over the city, more bright, has a waterfront, going for an army like kinda track. Which is why I have the drum beating four notes over and over again.

Once I get this track done, the demo for Wonder's War will be out. I've been working hard to make it possible, and I'm just so close to doing it. I can't wait to show what I've been working on ^^.


The Ghost of GDU


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

As a fellow composer, I think you should make the drums go 5 times in a row instead of 4. It might change the whole song.


Padre_Yoku @Ardaceus - 11 months ago

Kinda hard to explain what I meant, but the drum beat you have now is cool


The Ghost of GDU @Yokuto Akiyama - 11 months ago

I meant moreorso with the other instruments in the piece, like the horns that play after the bass comes in, like how could that be improved? Or like the intro, I had someone suggest to shorten it, which sounds pretty good, so I did shorten it.


Padre_Yoku @Ardaceus - 11 months ago

I personally think the song works well, there aren't really any things I would suggest changing.


Roody I - 11 months ago

I like it but I feel the second tune (I don't know music lingo) at the 1:08 mark is out of place. It sounded like an army marching around to drums, then it just switched to something like elevator music/1990s jazz. The part itself sounds great, just out of place. I feel it can be transitioned better if anything.

**Please note: I know nothing music production or engineering.


The Ghost of GDU @rgangsta - 11 months ago

That's a good start. What else do you think it could use instead?


Aaron N. - 11 months ago

I think Roody's on point. The only other thing I was thinking about was maybe lowering the volume of the drums, but that's more of a personal thing. I'm no composer and probaby would've given the drums a sharper, twangy sort of sound and a bit of reverb. I dunno, that might hurt some ears after hearing it after a while though.

I can't think of two much besides revising the second tune, which, as Roody pointed out, doesn't seem to belong very well, especially when you loop all the way back to the beginning with the drums starting out again. You should reserve the second part for another song, though. I think it'd be a nice chill piece on its own, or maybe usable for a select region of the city... or maybe a shop. 

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