SNAPSHOT / 25 JUL 2017

Slight modifications to the XP RTP for Prophet Sword

I've made some small changes to the RTP to make things seem somewhat different. The changes are very small, and some things are left unchanged, but significant details will be getting modified.

Tell me what you think is different!


Christopher [REDACTED]

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BOX - 5 months ago

Whoa! That actually looks pretty good! The candle, wooden floor, stone floor, wall, dresser, rug, desk, stools, table and book (the one on the shelf) all seem to have been changed. How did I do?


Christopher [REDACTED] @BOX - 5 months ago

You got most of them. I didn't do anything to the stools, and i changed the bed a bit. I also changed the colors of the books in the bookshelf.


Mexi Muffin - 5 months ago

it does look like a pretty nice living space


Padre_Yoku - 4 months ago

Nice job on that! I can't edit pictures nearly as well :|

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