VIDEO / 24 OCT 2016

RPG Game Environment Worthy?

I couldnt sleep so I spent a few hours working on some models in the awesome voxel program called Qubicle. I spent a few more hours putting together a small area to showcase what I made. Note: I didnt bother making a character yet because I suck with that sort of thing and want to focus on environment for now. Note 2: Yes I know I should be working on Mine Clicker xd.

Youtube really sucks when it comes to original video quality so things might not look as good as they should.

With that said do you think the style I have is good for a voxel based RPG and should I continue to make RPG voxel stuff to possibly release to the public at a later time(could be very late.... you know how stuff goes with me :P)?


Lucas D

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