SNAPSHOT / 02 AUG 2017

Remember: You're still on the job no matter what.

One of the final two mechanics I want to add to this game.

Remember, just because Dusty is getting commands to go to point A to point B still doesn't mean he's getting a steady income from monsters, and some discarded treasure chest. He still has to work, and his job is to help travellers fend off monsters, or get somewhere.

They spawn at designated locations randomly, and pay Dusty randomly.

Wanderers will either: Pay 5 gold|Pay 10 gold|Pay 20 gold|Not Pay

Knights will either: Not pay|Pay 10|Pay 20

Mages, the more snooty of the bunch, will either: More than likely will not pay|Pay 25

The first variation is fending off monsters: An ally will join you for the time being against a few monsters. They can attack, and defend, and have skills based off their job. If they die, Dusty will not be paid, and later in the game, will suffer a penalty for failing to do his job. This will get easy as more comrades join you, but the fights get much more difficult after the first field.

The second varation is pointing them in the right direction to where they have to go. Remember, they follow the path, so if they ask what direction they have to go now, you'll be given the opportunity to go scout ahead before you can answer. Give a wrong answer, and Dusty suffers the aforementioned penalty when he realizes they go the wrong way.

So, its risk, and reward. Do your job well, and get paid, or slip up, and not get paid.

The final mechanic, and the one I am the most proud of, will be revealed when it is implemented.


Christopher [REDACTED]

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Mexi Muffin - 5 months ago

wow thats a really neat mechanic 


Roody I - 5 months ago

Whoa, this is a Witcher 3-monster killing contract kinda vibe here. I like it!

These mofos better pay! I don't work for free. 


Padre_Yoku - 4 months ago

This is a very unique mechanic; it's not like you'll get squirrels dropping gold coins and treasure chests with gems in them! SniperNEXUS may have a similar mechanic in place (I won't copy you) where you need to do specific tasks to get the $$$

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