VIDEO / 05 NOV 2016

Prophet Sword - Castle Overhaul

The Demo version of Runia castle was a little more than quite disappointing to some people, so after taking inspiration from many other games, I decided to changed Runia's castle altogether, including the inside, (which is not shown).

Note: Young Dusty is NOT playable in these area's, and was spawned there for testing purposes.


Christopher [REDACTED]

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Lucas D - 1 year ago

Looking at it from the perspective of someone who doesnt know anything about how games are made i still see tons of work that is needed. For an example... Why are there windows down by the water? It doesnt really make sense to have windows there. The bridge also doesnt make much sense. The bridge would make sense if it was a drawbridge with somewhere to pull it up. Id put a permanent stone bridge there with sides. Other than that not to bad. sorry if I sound rude. Im not trying to sound rude. One way to good game creation is to look at all your stuff from the view of the customer(even if you dont sell it for $ your still selling it for reputation).

Hopefully these tips were useful. Keep up the game dev learning(im still learning after 11 years).


Mark M - 1 year ago

Yeah I agree with Pol. Mapping in RMXP is harder than any other RM because of the detail in the sprites. There are some parts of your maps where the tiles don't work together, such as those which represent a vertical wall, and those which represent the flat ground. I would recommend looking at more RMXP maps for inspiriation first of all. The second recommendation would be to be mindful of space. You need to seek a balance between not being too empty and wide, and not being too small and busy. 


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