SNAPSHOT / 29 JUN 2017

"No two swords are the same.."

Whats the most satisfying thing about a new weapon? It's ability, the damage it does, or something else? For me, my favorite is appearance. The one thing I wanted to do with Prophet Sword is give every weapon you find a unique appearance, to compliment its unique properties. Left to right:

Blitzkrieg - Used in the intro, and late game.

Mythril Sword

Steel Sword

Iron Sword

Bronze Sword

Steel Shield

Bronze Shield

I think a change in appearance makes things more interesting. I intend to do this with all objects in Prophet Sword. Also, something else is on the horizon for Prophet Sword. Just wait a bit longer, okay?


Christopher [REDACTED]

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Roody I - 7 months ago

True that! Weapons should be unique. I think I may do the same for my project. Nice!

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