AUDIO / 27 FEB 2017


The are a few cities of the dead in the game.

There is Elias Graymoor's Gravewind Town, a place where society is almost normal.

There is the Strlopes' Manor, where many dead seek to heal their wounding bodies.

The undergrowths of Damsca, the Elven Tombs Cryptenkindle, the old holy city of Alenlorn, the Abyss, the Funhouse of Losov, the shipwreck of the Novusetter, and Maldrov, are a good amount of places to name where the dead lie.

The most famous and most avoided however, is a place only known as the Necropolis. It has no name, no one has an idea of when it was made, or who by, but it stands strong. A castle of caskets, torture devices, dead gardens, and is a well known ghostscape. The Necropolis is known to be home to many ghosts, who come in many shapes and forms, and each is unique. Some are friendly, some are animalistic, some are barbaric, who knows what ghosts you may find. The only thing that is known of this place though, is that four items of great value to the world rest here, a scythe named Eclipse, a crown called Mianderat, a staff called the Nightcast Staff, and but the last is only legend, says that there is a black star that lies somewhere deep inside, where a demonic behemoth guards it. Some people find their ways around just fine, some people become permanent residents, who knows what fate may lie for you in the Necropolis?


The Ghost of GDU


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

Sounds scary! I had no idea Wonder's War had such a big world in it, with so many different towns and locations just dedicated to death...

Can't wait for the next demo!


The Ghost of GDU @Yokuto Akiyama - 11 months ago

The next demo won't be for a while, but I plan to get a good something done of it this week! And if you think that the amount of towns dedicated to death are lots... you have to see how many caves are planned for the game...

Majorelle Depths, Crystal Caves, Limestone Chasm, The Abyss, Lalalan Mines, Bonanza Gold Mine, Undechler Burrows, Tekpuk Temple, Starfall Mountain's Caves, Elven Tombs, The Fume Tunnels, Lellemborough, Rain Circle, Mount Obo, Cold Tunnel, Havendell Volcano, Dugout of Gallows, Cave of Wolves, The Necropolis's Ravine, and a few more I don't want to name.


Roody I - 11 months ago

Hot damn! Downloading the game now!!


Mexi Muffin - 11 months ago

you got talent kid, you're gonna be a star! 

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