SNAPSHOT / 23 OCT 2016

Mine Clicker Overhaul

As some of you know I been working on an overhaul for Mine Clicker and so far it has been going well. Right now all I have left to get the research system working before I can release the Closed Alpha to you testers. Figured id make this post to let you know work is still being done(and to test out GDU Refinery). Ill leave you with a screenshot of stuff so far.


Lucas D


Mark M - 5 months ago

Looks great!


Ardaceus - 5 months ago

Kinda reminds me of the Terraria interface. But with a Golf With Friends kinda feel. I also like the 3D model of the ingot on the left, looks good.


Roody I - 5 months ago

Looking good. Research system you say? What is that exactly?


Lucas D @rgangsta - 4 months ago

I went into more detail here recently.

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