Machine Made: Rebirth (Community Contest)

Hey everyone,

Having a little contest on our game development communities!

Looking for people to suggest features for Machine Made: Rebirth... if yours is included, you'll receive credit and a free game code!

Some ideas for suggestions:

Sidequests, monsters, achievements, music, UI features, and more!

Post your ideas in the comments and support your favourites!

Look forward to hearing from you.




Ryan Ferris

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Padre_Yoku - 10 months ago

This is also the kind of thing I need for my game Fulmen; too bad people haven't been going on much lately...


Ryan Ferris - 10 months ago

We've got a pretty creative community here. Sure some great suggestions will come up!


The Ghost of GDU - 10 months ago

My suggestions are achievements for reaching lv 10 with every character.

Achievements for getting each different ending.

An achievement for acquiring the *flowers* on Jovial's timeline.

Maybe you can put in a minigame, and give a prize if you get a highscore.

Make an achievement for passing each chapter.

I kinda feel like Jovial's timeline is too small, I feel like you could have more of him travelling through the mountains before coming to the campsite, and the area with the goat feels too mundane and not very important. Increasing it's size and possibly have some events happen along the way could help.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else.


Ryan Ferris - 10 months ago

Thanks Ardi. Achievements for getting the endings are going to take a while! Although Chapter 3-4 are starting to take shape. (This is the new chapter 3-4, which is chapter 6-7 according to the old timeline. Might be confusing to some.)

There will be an achievement for gathering the flowers, as well as doing the sidequests related to giving them to each possible recipient! These are still somewhat of secrets.

I've been trying to think of minigame ideas, but they're pretty hard to make.

Going to be working on Chap 2 tonight, maybe I'll throw in something a little more interesting in the mountainsides.

Thanks for the suggestions.


shanks - 8 months ago

hi there,
i wouldn't call this as a suggestion, but if you have a story line for your game, you could break it into small pieces, and by clearing that some part of the actual story be made available. so in a way you could make few side games like this, and to may be to defeat a boss, you may make the player to meet few criteria, which in turn becomes mini games or side quest.

if any other pops up, i'll put it here for you


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