Machine Made: REBIRTH Achievements!

I bet you didn't expect me to be the one to announce for MMR, did you?

Allsvin doesn't know much about how the Refinery works, and he wants to get some new information about the achievements to you as soon as possible as he doesn't have much time on the computer left, so here we go.

There are currently four achievements in the game to earn, in the new version which is labeled 1.99a. More are to come in future updates of the game... though I'm still not sure what he'll do for the next update number... will he go for 2.0 or like, 1.991a? Find out next update!

Anyway back on topic...

He plans there for there to be around 100 achievements in the game, as there is quite a lot of things to do in the game from all the possible interactions. Such as crafting achievements, looting achievements, boss achievements, and funny achievements for making specific actions in the game... I even reccommended a few of them, for I don't think there is anyone else on the planet who has beta tested this game more than me.

Here's a picture of the achievements currently.

So expect more!

Also if you want an explanation as to why I'm here... and how I'm a part of Machine Made Rebirth, I made some sprites for the game, one of the biggest bosses in the game, and I'm working on Audio for the game on the side while I work on Wonder's War and Nementia. And I've been testing this game for a year about now, like I've invested 120 hours of testing into Machine Made. Also there is something we both have been doing with our games that I wonder if anyone will notice they exist... Maybe you'll have to play the game to see what we did.


Machine Made Rebirth is available on the Steam Store!


The Ghost of GDU


Ryan Ferris - 1 year ago

I am a noob and don't understand how to upload screenshots let alone promote my game development... and use this refinery thing


Mark M - 1 year ago

Oooooh sweet! 

That looks amazeballs are you guys are doing an amazing job of promoting the game, you have the most views in the games section by miles. 

@Ryan, this Refinery thing is dead simple. Jut give it a go 


Also, do I see Russian in that screenie? 



The Ghost of GDU @Marked - 1 year ago

It's kinda funny from my point of view... my name is in the credits of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most popular games on GDU... and Omar asked me to help with music for Cyberdrive Ninja which is the number one viewed game on GDU...


Mark M @Marked - 1 year ago

You can't really deny these stats.... you're obviously the rainmaker. 

(and ya, forgot about Cyberdrive Ninja)


Ryan Ferris - 11 months ago

Hey man, those stats are getting up there!

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