AUDIO / 10 MAR 2017

Last Song Before March Break

So I'm off on March Break now, and I was busy finishing up on homework so I could work on Wonder's War and Nementia all week long. This is the last song I was able to make before all the homework took all my time up at school... and it's alright. It's for the most fat boss in the game, which is a Hobbe. A creature which is naturally gluttonous, eating whatever it can fit in it's mouth, from rocks, to animals. I didn't put much effort into because this boss serves only as a blockage to a more difficult part of the game, and if you can beat him, you can get through the next area.

Though I recently made a better song. If you want a better song, go to the following link.


The Ghost of GDU


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

The SoundCloud version is really relaxing. nice job

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