SNAPSHOT / 25 NOV 2016

Kulgin Knights

The new link for Kulgin Knights.



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The Ghost of GDU - 1 year ago

I still can't play anything. The problem is that you changed the audio files' names. So when it wants to call on a soundtrack to play in the background, it crashes the game because it wants to play music that is non-existant in the audio files.

You need to review every part that plays music in the game, and make sure that it's playing a soundtrack that exists in the files. The two I know are after you choose your character and start out in the cave, it can't find Aki I Gangsta Beat, and on the world map "Aki Tenebris" or whatever it is called.


Padre_Yoku @Ardaceus - 1 year ago

I'll change all of that right now, I wasn't aware that I had gotten rid of all of those songs.


Mark M - 1 year ago

Ok, I should have made the ability to edit posts by now instead of have you post every update in a new post. It's not so simple to delete posts either, but I'll code that up when I get a chance and delete all your posts. This should be in a single post. 


Mark M @Marked - 1 year ago

Alright, I've deleted your other two posts. I'll try to implement a post editing system ASAP, in case you need to change links, etc. I'll also add a new "Demo" post type 

Sorry, I know development is very slow.

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