QUESTION / 21 APR 2017

Is there a way to change the map's selected tiles in game?

hello every one.

i was wondering is there an in-game way or possibility to change a particular tile of the map from one type to other.

say one tile is grass, is there a way where an event changes tis grass tile to brick wall tile?

like as shown below


1.) at first


2: then run the event


3.) the the particular tile changes





like this




is this ppossible any way?

please help friends



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The Ghost of GDU - 10 months ago

Unless if you make the brick wall a Tile B-E graphic, the only way I know how is to inbetween the text boxes of that slime, put in a transfer player to a new map with the brick house there. And for the settings of the transfer, do not show the transition (Like you can choose whether the transaction will fade to white, black, or not show at all) and it will seem like it appeared out of nowhere.

You could also make that brick house a character graphic by creating it's sprite in a drawing program, and have it appear on the spot.


Padre_Yoku - 10 months ago

Seems to me like you should probably do the character graphic thing. I've done it before on XP.


shanks - 10 months ago

thanks guys, but i was thinking that would increase the amount of game data. i was wondering if there is any plugin or such that would directly change the map's selected data
i.e if tile 1 is grass, after running the command, tile 1 directly becomes brick.

like how we used to edit in the editor.

if that could be possible things would altogether be different right



The Ghost of GDU @shanks - 9 months ago

While that is correct, it depends on what exactly you are specifying, but either way, it's too small of a piece of data too actually make a difference... and I mean really small, where it's only 8 KB big, which is not even a percent of a MB.


Aaron N. @shanks - 9 months ago

Hey, shanks.

I know your question's alreayd answered, but I'll add some more to that lol.

I understand your concern with the game's data, but I think that using a character graphic would be much less work than making a whole plugin that wouldn't really benefit you much. And would probably be used, what, once or twice throughout the game? unless you're building a game around this function. Using a new map isn't really going to bog down much, though it might get time-consuming and hard to keep track of all these maps (if you're going to do this more than, say, two or three times). I would suggest doing Yokutoo's character graphic method more than the map method, as that can clutter up your database.

What really lags the game is a ton of events on one map, or something like that -- if that's what concerns you. Even then, it takes a whole lot more of events to slow things down than the amount it would take for you to use a character graphic.


shanks - 10 months ago

on second thoughtm

what you guys say might be the only way.

thanks guys( to you both ardaceus and yokutoo 

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