I've got a game but how do I distribute it?

Alright, I'm gonna be real, GDU isn't a great place for distributing games but its good for blog style type of stuff.

Trying to promote you game is hard stuff but distribution is just as hard. How can you promote if you can't deliver your product consistently to your audience? I've been looking around for platforms where I could distribute my game outside of the big publishers *cough* Steam *cough*. I've found myself on GameJolt and GameJolt was okay, it provided some basic stuff and metrics but trying to distribute new updates was a big hassle.

Then there's, it's magic. I recently discovered it had an amazing tool( that pushes updates and distributes super easy. It also downsize all your update uploads to changes in the update only so I wouldn't have to upload the entire binary every time(I was looking for this forever). This feature alone pushed me to fully use as my distribution platform and decided it to be my main portal for community as well. The platform also provides a ton of options for pricing and exclusive content! The only issue I have with it is the rather limited game page(although it's better than GDU's, sorry Mark! )


As a test bed, I uploaded Ascension 0.21.0 to using it's tooling then released 0.22.0. The process was smooth as butter.

Oh yeah, I also released Ascension 0.22.0 update!

Along with setting up US West and Australia servers! (I decided it was worth it to dig into my pocket for something I'm passionate about.)




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KenOfNZ - 11 months ago

P.S @Mark your edit post doesn't work. I get 401 Unauthorized when I hit update. I needed to correct distribut to distribute.


Mark M - 11 months ago

I still think my games section is better 

It is not suprising it has failed since there are no developes here to actually give feedback. It has taken 12 days for someone to point out to me that a feature doesn't actually work (one I missed since I'm a mod). The oppurtunity cost of developing this has been so high.  

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