AUDIO / 01 DEC 2016

Hey, another Wonder's War Track

So I tried to make a peaceful sounding track to combat all the crap I've been dealing with personal and school stuff in my life, but somehow, it went from trance EDM to something I'd hear in Payday or Hotline Miami. It came about when I clicked on the wrong instrument. I clicked Alarm Bass instead of Asylum Bass... and no, Asylum Bass is actually pretty nice and easy for a bass.

So yeah. I made this theme, and I didn't even intend to make it. Still proud of it. And I know the perfect place for it in Wonder's War.



I seriously thought it would take me a year to make this kind of music with my experience.


The Ghost of GDU


Mark M - 1 year ago

This is one of the best tracks I've heard from you. You're getting seriously good!


Padre_Yoku - 1 year ago

I make music as well, but I don't know if I could make this!


Padre_Yoku @Ardaceus - 1 year ago

The lead part at 0:23 actually sounds like something you'd hear on the radio! Is there a midi?


Mark M @Yokuto Akiyama - 1 year ago

What equipment do you use (out of curiousity)? I thought it was 100% electronically made 


The Ghost of GDU @Marked - 1 year ago

Well, since you're wondering, I use Garageband, Rytmik Ultimate, and Audacity. Sometimes, I do live recordings of instruments. Like in a song called Cold Quietude, I used my own fingers and blowing on ice to create, and just modifyed the soundtrack. Or other examples are Chrysalism and Eunoia which used Rain I recorded from a campsite. You can find those two on my Soundcloud if you want to listen to them. There are some other ones I have that use live recorded sounds, but I can't really recall some of them.


Padre_Yoku @Marked - 1 year ago

I mostly make Undertale remixes, but I've made a few original songs as well.

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