SNAPSHOT / 26 FEB 2017

Healing yourself.

Well, the only present one is in Aroni, and Dusty doesn't have much use for it, cause well, he lives here!

However, where there's a lack of Inn's, there's FREE HEALING! Gee, I sure like the ring of that! As you can see, you'll discover fairies litered about the lands, and they provide you with a pick-me-up just as good as any bed can do you! All for free!

"Where did the come from?"

"Why do they heal you?"

All in due time, friends.

All in due time. 


Christopher [REDACTED]

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Mexi Muffin - 11 months ago

they outta use fairies as cattle


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

I like the sound of free healing because you can heal, and grind, and heal, and grind, and get buffed up before the boss comes along.

Free Healing = Life

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