SNAPSHOT / 04 JAN 2017

Greatness Awaits Wonder's War

I drew this, and it felt too awesome not to share. 

This will be a part of the main cover of the game, as it features the main character looking out to the most impactful level for showing the real theme of the game, which is Starfall Valley and the Mountains. I will not spoil anything about this area, and what it means to what this game is about.

This is actually my first attempt at trying to draw one of my characters in this style, and I like it a lot, even if the face is not included.

I'm actually starting to do live streams of me working on this stuff which I might set times for, as this was made on my first time trying the streaming service of Picarto. If people would like to see these streams, comment below, and I'll post a time schedule for my drawing streams and times!


I’m all bundled, wearing 3 sets of clothes the warmest armor, and my cloak too.

       You know, it’s why I wear the mask. For it’s a cold world out there…

                                         And I’m still frozen.



The Ghost of GDU


Aaron N. - 1 year ago

Looks like your pixel art is getting better, Ardi! What's this, I disappear for a few months and you become some sorta master jack of all trades? Cease your talent immediately, I am envious. :U

In all seriousness, though, keep it up! Looking good!

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