SNAPSHOT / 05 MAR 2017

Game Updates

Some of you are wondering, what happened to Omar and Nementia? The Demo is still being worked on due to my lack of time of working on it due to my Job consuming my time.

Rgangsta and i are also re-working on CyberDrive Ninja again and i am the co-developer of that game. I am responsible of many components of CyberDrive such as story and gameplay. 

Nementia: The Hive is almost finished but adding the final touches resulted in some bugs glitches. Removing some other features from the latest build is pretty time consuming as it does somewhat interfere with the game's main code.

Nementia's Game Demo will come very soon, i'm just busy with work and CyberDrive's new vision.



Omar M.


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

I'll be sure to play the demo once it comes out, sounds like a cool game!


Mark M - 11 months ago

I'd love to see more updates on cyberdrive ninja :3


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

Wait, why is the guy on the CyberDrive Ninja picture dabbing?

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