VIDEO / 09 APR 2017

Game Characters - Concept Art Process

Couple of months ago, I made some concept art for a game I've been working on for a while that I shared an in-game screenshot of a while ago! I'm not sure if this counts as something really refinery-ish, but anyway, have a short video of how I made some of my characters. The first one, I sketched on paper and then lined + coloured digitally. The last two were done right on the spot. This was a few months back, when my art was still fairly gross, but there it is!


This was livestreamed, so sorry for poor video size + quality.


Aaron N.


Mexi Muffin - 8 months ago

wow those graphics are beautiful 



Aaron N. @mexi Muffin - 8 months ago

Thanks, Muffin! My goal someday is to be able to get good enough to make decent art for my own games. :) Then it'll totally be a one-man team!

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