QUESTION / 03 MAY 2017

Fast Travel Feature

It's been a long time since I made and released a script for public. Rather than a question, I want to ask for suggestion. What kind of feature you would like to see on an overworld map? Specificaly the one with a fast travel feature in it.

I'm hoping to improve [url=]my script[/url] with your suggestion :)

P.S Mark, please implement a bbcode for links in the refinery. Thanks in advance.


Black Mage


The Ghost of GDU - 9 months ago

*Animations (Like putting character sprites on a map that play an animation when selected)

*Sounds (Like clicks when moving, bgm, flying sounds, etc...)

*Party Info (Just a cool little things some games do when fast travelling)

*Quests available in an area (Helps a player keep track of places)

*Place information (Like what are landmarks of the location)

*Name coloring (Like the list on the left, it would be cool if you could change the colors of the names)


And that's all I can think of.


Black Mage - 9 months ago

Nice suggestion there Ardaceus. I'll put them on my worklist for later. By the way,
- The script has an icon function, that can work as a static indicator for a selected map. I'll do something to get it animated.
- I totally forgot about the sounds! Thanks for reminding me.
- I need some reference for the party info. Can you point some video game example for me?
- The available quest and the place information would be an awesome addon for the system! I'll work on this one ASAP.
- The name coloring is easy to make, or so I think. I'm not sure I'll use it though, but perhaps the others would like it.


The Ghost of GDU @black mage - 9 months ago

About the party info, I meant like current location, or something like that, maybe a little indicator in the top right/left (whatev) that tells them what party is currently in use. And about the name coloring, I was thinking it could be used to show the different factions, such as places with a blue name could be allied countries, red could be enemies, green could be neutral, and yellow could be wild land. It could also be used as well to say the difficulty of the dungeon, or even just in case if the player is using a white background, and wants to change the color to black so it can be seen better.


Black Mage - 9 months ago

Phew. Took 1 week to get them all implemented. There's no sound from the video, but it's implemented there. :)


Mark M - 9 months ago

Dear Mr Mage. BBCode is totally last decade (00's), and everyone is moving to WYSIWYG or other similar types of editors. This editor is top of the line right now, however as you notice I do not have the link button showing up. I'll do that. One nice feature with the forums is that if you post a plain link it'll automatically generate a shorter URL and link to the original URL, looks really nice. 


Black Mage @Marked - 9 months ago

True, I'm still stuck somehow in the last decade's environments.

Good luck with the development. And thank you once again for considering the feature. :)

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