SNAPSHOT / 28 MAR 2017

Don't like walking TOO much?

In lieu of the way I've reworked Prophet Sword, removing the old methods of quick travel, I've replaced it with something a little more trecherous, so to say.

For every field, there's a passage between areas. This one, "The Winding Path", is an extremely short, and linear walk. The perk is; it's quicker, might be worth traveling down for a few bonus chests. The disadvantages? Well, good news is, they only come into play if you don't listen to the sign before every path. The Winding Path's gimmick is that there's enemies that hide in plain sight, but they'll only bother you if you bother them, and what i mean by that, is that if you go off the path, that's really the only time they'll bother you.

The enemies in question aren't tough, and are, thankfully, easily disposed of in later levels, however, just don't take Dusty alone down this path, not abiding by the aforementioned warning, or you'll find him getting overwhelmed easily.


Christopher [REDACTED]

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Padre_Yoku - 9 months ago

I'm waiting for the next demo to come out...

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