SNAPSHOT / 21 APR 2017

Do You Remember Me?

I drew it in high quality. Now the horror will be eternal.

Original sprite:

Biohazard is one of my favourite bosses in Wonder's War. The everything you wouldn't want to find in a bathtub.


The Ghost of GDU


Lucas D - 10 months ago

Nooo what have you done with skeletron from terraria XD(was my first thought the sec i seen it).

Man that is scary as hell.


Padre_Yoku - 10 months ago

The top one looks like you made a sequel to Wonder's War or something.

Coming this fall to PCs near you: Wonder's War II: Revenge of the Bathtub Monster


Aaron N. - 9 months ago

Holy crap, man. You are like, the epitome of the word "multi-talented". What're you gonna wow us with next? lol ;)

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