AUDIO / 20 FEB 2017

Chill Wonder's War Track

I haven't released this track before because I felt this track wasn't as good as other tracks I've made such as Harmonic Brambles, Glass Motion, or Time Tune, and was just kind of there. Upon listening to it a few times, I've decided to release it for listening, and it's not that bad, but it's just really chill, and not much else.

And I've been sick the past while, and just felt like doing nothing over the past while, and now here I am, feeling so... meh still, I think I lost a lot of my passion for creating songs. And a lot of game development in general... which sucks... I hate this sickness, and how bad it's made me feel lately. 

Besides that, when I get back in the productive mood, I'll be release old tracks I've made a while ago, like this one I made at the beginning of January. So until then, I'm on chill for a while... hah... this title is fitting.

And a cool fact.

I have a total of 177 official tracks for Wonder's War... closing in on 200 songs, and I can't wait to share the one track I have planned for 200 to celebrate my neverending compositions! Probably the next song I'll upload is the song that combines every single shop song into one big goo blob of funk.


The Ghost of GDU


Padre_Yoku - 11 months ago

This would work really well for a town on top of a mountain or maybe a dramatic scene. It could even work as a title screen theme if you haven't already made one. It's really good.

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