AUDIO / 09 JUL 2017

A song you'll hear a lot in SniperNEXUS

When the party is comprised of Yoku and Jack, such as in the Spoilerlands, this song will play. There will be different battle themes for different parties, such as Spoiler, Spoilery, and Spoiler McGee. These, however, are just for random-encounter enemies, not for big bosses and recurring opponents like Sir Spoiler and Spoilertron.

Just wanted to give a little sneak peek. Other sneak peeks will come out soon, including the big battle against King Spoiler of Spoileria! (those are all joke names lmao)




The Ghost of GDU - 7 months ago

This is pretty sweet!

I can hear that you have improved a lot in music making with a larger variety of instruments and good use in audio effects.


Padre_Yoku - 7 months ago

Thanks! I've been trying out new things in FL Studio and trying to get better and better.

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