AUDIO / 07 JAN 2017

A Short Battle Theme

I've recently gotten into music-making, since I got a music program for Christmas. I'm working on a new game (kind of a secret for now) and there's a group of protagonists you'll face many times throughout the game.

I won't spoil too much, but they're called the Hagglers and they rank very high on what's known as the Tournament Board. They are not very thrilled about the protagonists' plans.

I'll release more information as I get further in the development process and figure out more of the story of the world of this new game.




Mark M - 1 year ago

Sounds kinda retro and quirky. Would fit nicely in some sort of niche game. 

What secret game. Tell me. 


Padre_Yoku @Marked - 1 year ago

Well, the demo for this secret game hasn't been released yet, and some of the details aren't final. I still have to plan out the story and the characters.

I will probably release a few more songs before the demo for you guys to hear!

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