Hello I'm Top Speed 95 , originally this was going to be a solo project, but do some things I'm in lack of would appreciate getting help from others on this project!

What I'm Looking For:

Graphic Artist (maybe): While I suck at graphic art in general, I suck at over world sprites. Though I may have some help, I still might look for some more. I mean most enemies graphic I got from someone's blog (check credits page) or the sprites that are default to RMXP.

Audio: I was going to used default music, but I decided it would be too generic. So I decided to try to make music myself, and of course I suck at it. So, I turn to someone to please help me with the music, I will give you a list on what needs music on what I have done so far.

Tester(s): While I'm testing it myself as the developer, I would like someone else to hep test it out. As would be looking for feedback. Especially once I get the demo out. Still prefer for people to sign up for this before the demo, because there might be changes to what is seen on the demo.

Syory Editor: While I'm the story writer and I do make edits to the story myself, again a role I would appreciate having help with! While English is my first language (really only language), needless to say I'm not perfect at. That I might not give needed details or put to much details in the story. Or just word somethings wrong. So again, can someone please help with this?

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