In a kingdom known as the Nosta Kingdom, its first church and biggest cathedral, The Amour Féminin (Female Love) Cathedral, has been infested by monsters. As it has been in the past, but this time for a different reason. God has sent an Angel named Monica to save the church from the monster infestation, but little did Monica know that the summoner of the monsters has bigger plans than just to take over the cathedral. This mysterious force wants to awaken a devil named Lucifer. And this person is looking for "The Five Keys From Hell" to do so. The first happens to be in the basement of the cathedral according to the person that runs the Cathedral whom is known as Cardinal Johnson.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Great Battles
  • Bosses and Epic Optional Bosses
  • Story with Twist and Turns
  • Enjoyable Characters

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  1. Monica


    Monica is an angel sent by God to clear up the Amour Féminin Cathedral of its monster infestation. She is 800 years in an appearance of a 14 year girl. She constantly struggles to think she if can or cannot get a job done. For most cases she fears fighting monsters or do understand it help with something.

  2. Anabel


    Anabel is a 800-year Devil that was sent by Platinum to spy on Monica. She mainly pokes fun of Monica and her flaws. She also questions why Monica is an angel or why God sent her to do his bidding instead of doing it himself. Though she secretly likes Monica.

  3. Petunia


    Petunia is a 22-year old traveling priest that looks for a church to stay at. This is because she is hoping to find a church to run for herself. Eventually she decided to go searching for the promise land to seek her true potential as a head of a church. But before she can eve do that, she needs to got to Mt. Prixie and find one of the 12 Stones of Fate. She also always like to eat and will ask for food because she is always hungry.

  4. Sayaka

    Former Imperial Soldier

    Sayaka is a 36-year old girl that is a former Imperial Soldier of the Ribraria Empire. She pretended to be a boy to be part of the army, but was found that she was a girl. She moved to Nosta Kingdom a tried to be part of its army. However, they denied her of her formerly working for the Ribraria Empire. After not being part of any military, she became lazy and generally sleeping most of the time. Though despite her laziness, she still has not lost her art at the lance.

  5. Marisa

    Royal Guard

    Marisa is 27-year old half cat-half human that is a member of the Royal Guards. She joined looking for excitement and adventure. She is pretty easy going and caring. She never dreamed on be a captain of the Royal Guards as she thinks that is almost every Royal Guards' dream, thus she much rather be different.

  6. Terra

    Secret Agent

    Terra is a 45-year old secret agent from another nation. She don't like to say what nation she is working for. It is the only other nation that allows free rights to women besides Nosta. Her main weapon is guns, which are advance piece of technology on the planet that Nosta sits on. She claims that the nation she works for is by far more advance than any other nation on the planet.

  7. Lacy

    Elf Sage Trainee

    Lacy is a 11-year old Elf Sage Trainee. By that she is learning from an Elf Sage, not that she is training to be an Elf Sage. She would have to be 50 years or older to train to be an Elf Sage. She is very clumsy and often drops items or her staff. A lot of the elves make fun of her, though she always turn to her master for advise He would tell her to not worry about what does say as she will learn at her own abilities..

  8. Ilythyrra Vafina

    Elfin Guard

    Ilythyrra Vafina is a 15-year old Elfin Guard. She like to protect Lacy, even when it comes to the bullies, though she is a bit overprotective at times. Becauser of hat, she don't seem to like Monica because she is with a devil despite her being an angel and thinks they will hurt Lacy.

  9. Brit

    Amateur Martial Artist

    Brit is a 8-year girl that claims to be an martial arts expert. Yet she fails at it in every way, though she has determination to prove she does. Most of the time she does it in the most loud and obnoxious way.

  10. Lord Safe

    Treasure Seeker

    Lord Safe is a mysterious man who's age is unknown. He leads a band of thieves known as "The Treasure Seekers". However two of his followers refer to the group as different names. He of course don't be called those names and gets on to them for it. He even gets on to them for setting traps or fail to be sneaky, etc. However, he will show that he does care for them even though they get in a lot of trouble.

  11. Scott

    Jack of All Trades

    Scott is an 18-year old boy that is part of the band of thieves known as the "The Treasure Seekers" or what he likes to call them "Jack of All Trades". He is pretty dimwitted and unaware about what goes around him. He usually gets in the most trouble with Lord Safe. Though despite not being very bright, he still can be a skilled fighter when given the chance and can hold is own if he is by himself.

  12. Amber


    Amber is a 18-year old member of a band of thieves known as "The Treasure Seekers", but she just uses the generic term of thief. Which Lord Safe is not happy with being called that.While she is smarter than Scott, she is still not the sharpest tool in the shed. She also is the poorest of fighters in the group. Though she off good speed and can master some techniques.

Special Thanks

Lead Developer
Level Designer
Story Writter

13th August 2017

Demo Out

Originally I was going to wait until sprites were made, but I decided to release the demo now. As well some sprites are still placeholder. So anyways I hope you all enjoy the demo!...

Lead Developer
Level Designer
Story Writter

12th August 2017

When Demo is Released

While I'm almost done with the first dungeon of the game, I still will not release a demo until after some sprites are made (mainly the boss's over world sprite). So please stay calm and wait patiently. I will have a demo out soon enough. As this game isn't going to take a few days to make as it is probably going to be a pretty good size game....

Lead Developer
Level Designer
Story Writter

12th August 2017

Looking For

Hello I'm Top Speed 95 , originally this was going to be a solo project, but do some things I'm in lack of would appreciate getting help from others on this project!

What I'm Looking For:

Graphic Artist (maybe): While I suck at graphic art in general, I suck at over world sprites. Though I may have some help, I still might look for some more. I mean most enemies graphic I got from someone's blog (check credits page) or the sprites that are default to RMXP.

Audio: I w...

  • Top Speed 95

    Lead Developer, Producer, Level Designer, Programmer, Eventer, Story Writter, Tester


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