Happy Holidays everyone.

Yes I'm still around, though sporadic and inconsistency seem to be the main obstacles in my game, along with some rather disinterest. How many times have I said that now? No idea, but I plan to end that now. I have been on and off this game for 18 months, and in that time, what have I done? Well, a complete story script is finished, nearly all maps, complete, or placeholders are in place. And I began eventing.

I haven't had a lot of time lately to actually work on the game. And while I wanted originally to have it finished and published by next week, (yeah right. That's not happening.) instead I've been constantly sidetracked, and mostly struggled to find the inspiration to work on the game and get it done. I'm still invested, but without constant work and progress, I feel it's going nowhere. I am going to take a final plunge and try to finish what I started. I won't start over, as I do have a build I'm proud of, so I'll continue from that.

This game page will start to get more active if I get more interest. We shall see though. Not to mention my biggest obstacle now, is fixing the passage rules in one of the tilesets I'm using, as it got messed up somehow when I imported it. Another thing I've been dreading because it's so tedious. But it has to get done so players don't get stuck in the walls like what keeps happening to me every time I test run.

The next progress report should hopefully be more and not me making up excuses again. Happy Holidays.

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