Hey everybody,

Here's a screenshot from some dabbling I was doing in Machine Made: Rebirth today, and I figured out that achievements are finally working!

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Welcome back to the Machine Made: Rebirth blog, I hope you're doing well. I hope everybody is looking forward to Christmas and maybe has a movie or two in mind that they'd like to revisit this year, or something even more special planned for the holidays.

I will probably be giving doing a key giveaway up until around Christmas, so if anybody would like to gift themselves, or a friend with a copy of Machine Made: Rebirth let me know! It's coming along quickly and is looking like it's actually going to be finished in relatively good time.

Virtually all the features that we want are now in the game, the graphics are almost done, the music is done, the sounds are almost done and all we have to do is keep testing it and write in the last of the content.

I was worried about bug testing overall, but it's turning out to be actually completely fine. We've had a lot of support from you guys and I really appreciate it.


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