In the land of Strounia, There are eight ancient gemstones that hold enormous power known as the "Eilmora Gemstones". Originally the Eilmora gemstones were only one large gem that was held in the royal castle, However due to a certain "incident" at the castle involving the gemstone it was broken into 8 individual pieces and scattered all over the island. After 200 years of peace in Strounia, an evil emerges through the door from the underworld. A powerful demon who desires to use the power of the eilmora gemstones to tear a hole between the overworld and the underworld letting monsters and demons flood in. You play as "Kohana", an aggressive and antagonistic swordsman who specializes is slaying monsters. Its up to you to gather the gemstones so save strounia.
  1. Kohana


    the main protagonist of Into Kosmos
    a young swordsman from an obscure village in the grasslands. he is a reckless and aggressive individual but he gradually becomes more kind to his friends

  2. Luna


    a cheerful and optimistic young girl who travels around strounia stealing gold and valuables, she wants the eilmora gemstones so she can sell them and become rich. she meets kohana and intends on using him to help her achieve her goal but over time she grows more attached to him.

  3. Cloveus


    A wandering mage who enjoys travelling and gaining knowledge about many things including the eilmora gemstones.
    while weak in battle strength he makes up for it with his intelligence and calm attitude

  4. Gunto


    A warrior who guards cloud palace. gunto wields a giant axe and has incredible brute strength but unfortunately he has a weakness for attractive women

  5. Astrid


    a young girl who leads a band of pirates. she is a swift fighter with a very bad attitude
    she is unable to use magic but she is almost unmatched in swordsmanship

  6. Glace


    a elemental that resides in the icy caves of frost mountain. she appears to have a cold emotionless personality but she enjoys toying with her opponents with her ice clones

  7. Kylorad


    a disciple and henchman of praezol. kylorad is a cold hearted and arrogant demon who seeks the approval of his master, this desire to be recognized by his master makes him very persistent

  8. Praezol


    a demon mage who was a former human but used the eilmora gemstones to turn into a powerful demon. praezol is very smug, condescending and very confident in his strength but there might be something more to his past than he wants to share


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Yokuto Akiyama  said 24th June 2016

Looks good! I wish there was a demo out... Can you message me when you're ready to upload the demo? I'll get it.

94 Posts
621 Points

Yokuto Akiyama  said 27th June 2016

good graphics, never even heard of that battle system

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mexi Muffin  said 30th June 2016

It'll be a while before the demo comes out

94 Posts
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Yokuto Akiyama  said 2nd July 2016

Same with my new game, a secret for now tho

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rgangsta  said 6th August 2017

Sweeeetness! Nice characters.

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Top Speed 95  said 10th August 2017

This game looks promising! I really will keep an eye out on this and see how it plays out!

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