It looks like it is fast approaching 2 years since I whipped up this RMMV MMO project. One of the reason that it stalled was because it wasn’t clear to me how such a system would be viable in a proper game, particularly without limitations on the number of users appearing on the map at any one time. (and I note that one of those “m”’s stands for “massive”).

I scarified the early years of my life to developing this website and so I am not very familiar with online games (except DotA, the greatest game of them all <3 but that’s not an MMO), so I thought I’d ask you guys to do some brain storming for me  How would an RMMV MMO system work? How does the game deal with large numbers of players online at the same time and what purpose would it serve? (battles, IM, etc)


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black mage  said 8th November 2017

I don't get what is your question is, Mark. Do you ask on how to implement a system that deals with large numbers of players online at the same time (the question asked above), or asking for what system should be designed inside an MMORPG.

However, since the title clearly suggest the latter, I'll do a quick suggestion based on that here. Everything I suggest will based on my experience on playing Ragnarok Online and Tree of Savior.

I'll go straight to the MMO basics and forget all of the technical difficulties on implementing them.

1st, an MMORPG needs a class/job for the player. I suggest that everyone start with "Novice" as their job rather that have a different choice for starting job, unless you're trying to implement a race. The player then can unlock another job after fulfilling certain conditions. The usual required condition to get another job is by reaching certain job level, which is separated from the character level.

2nd, MMO needs a starting town(s). Town is where player do interactions, find some item vendors, getting quests, etc. Most of the activity are actually happened on town, rather than on any other field/map/dungeon in an MMORPG. The reason of this is because people playing MMOs tends to interact with other player thus make an MMORPG is actually a social game. Btw, this would lead to the need of chatting system, but I think it'll be too far talking about that now.

3rd, MMORPG needs an area where we fight monsters/enemies. Well, it's an RPG after all, so of course we're going to fight something (unless we're talking about some RPG that doesn't involve fighting. Horror games, anyone?). The area usually differentiate into 2 types, that is field and dungeon. Field usually used to connect landmarks to landmarks, and dungeon usually used as a place to grind. There are 2 types of dungeon. Normal dungeon where you can grind all you like, and instance dungeon where you need to clear the dungeon by fulfilling certain conditions. I think It'd get too specific so I'll stop talking about areas here.

That's my suggestion for the basic of MMORPG. Hope this help. *1-smile*

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Polraudio   said 9th November 2017

Id say scrap the entire class/job system(where you pick and class/job) and let the player be whatever they want to be and change to whatever they want to be at any point depending on their gear and skills. Have skills like mining, smithing, farming, fishing, attack, defense, strength, etc.... the more you do those things the better you get at them. your level could be based off of all of them together. If you havent figured out where im going with this Runescape is a GREAT example of a way to break away from your standard MMO(lets be honest... runescape is prob the most unique out of them all).

When i play MMO's i get sick of constantly seeing this you have to follow this path, you have to pick out of these 3 classes, oh by the way you cannot go to dungeons till you get to level 30. I say give the player freedom to pick what they want to do and let them do it. If a player wants to explore level 30 dungeons at level 3 let them. If you really want some good inspiration go play runescape. I played tons of mmo's and so far runescape is the only one i found that is by far unique and stands out.

If i could play an Rpg Maker MV MMO like runescape id be all over that crap.
Sorry for the little rant there. If you do want to make this i dont want to see it end up like every other mmo. I want it to stick out and draw people in. Using the same formula that 95% of other mmos use is not fun.

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black mage  said 9th November 2017

I'm in favor of "let the player be whatever they want to be and change to whatever they want to", that's what I intended when I suggest that everyone start on the same job (the novice part). However, I'm sure that some stuff need to be unlocked through progression. Like how you can't suddenly use an ice skill mastery without mastering heat and water control in some "strict" roleplay that I've played before. I'm never against those kind of game. Loved it, to be honest.

For a comparison I'd suggest an MMORPG called Tree of Savior. Their job system is almost the same with the system pol said (there's no mining though, but you can go fishing, smithing, farming; though that's not the main point of the game), where you can go from mastering the wizard stuff, then went to mastering a pyromancer stuff then cryomancer stuff or going rainbow like wizard, cryo, pyro, elementalist, warlock, sorcerer in one go, but master of none. However the bad side is still that you need to chose your first class, that is swordman, wizard, cleric, and archer; and after you pick one, you can't change job to other classes job. Heck, I prefer to have a wizard that could swing a sword, healing, then shots some fireballs.

Guest_yoxl said 1 week ago

I'm also a huge fan of the Runescape system, be whatever you want whenever you want. Some other common MMO features you might want to implement would be player vs player, trading, a party system with party chat, private messaging, time-based events (something that happens every hour or so, boss spawns in a forest, etc), a world map.

I make tunes and maps pretty well, if you'd like some help with that just hit me up at kelbyhancock@hotmail.com

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