3 days ago - RPG Maker VX Ace

black mage

Oracle of Forgotten Testament is a Turn-based RPG Touhou fangame. Player will use characters from Touhou game to venture Gensokyo and resolve incidents.
13th August 2017 - RPG Maker XP

Top Speed 95

God summons an angel named Monica to save known as the Amour Féminin (French for "Female Love") Cathedral from a monster infestation. Little does Monica knows that someone as something big plan for the future of the world.
22nd October 2017 - RPG Maker XP

Yokuto Akiyama, kirbyanddee

Three teenage friends escape their hometown in search of a demon who has the ability to command energy.
17th April 2017 - RPG Maker VX Ace


Survival, Stealth, Action!
1st March 2017 - RPG Maker XP

Yokuto Akiyama, datsbobble

A boy travels with a mysterious new friend to save his cousin and prevent a network of gangs from controlling his world.
24th January 2017 - RPG Maker MV


Psions are hated beings, being slaughtered and killed even at young ages. One psion - Keira - has escaped this slaughter. However, the Council of Magic, the ruling body of Versumi, has now outlawed the use of magic. Keira must rise up to try to put an end to the Council of Magic's new law, and discover the truth about her own power.
23rd November 2016 - RPG Maker MV

Marisa Giancarla

Fantasy and steampunk melded togather
17th September 2017 - RPG Maker MV

Logan Springer

In the year 2216 not much has changed. Except now there is a new powerful material called The Gems of God. Play as young shut-in Arita who has one such Gem as he fights evil spirits and gains some friends on the way. (Will play out like an Anime,Visual Novel with episodes coming out every saturday with episodes ranging from 4-6 hours.)
31st January 2016 - RPG Maker MV


In the world of the Freyborn there is the land of Asgard. In Asgard there is the Arch Mage ruler of all magic and the most powerful mage in the world. The current Arch Mage was assassinated by an unknown cult, and there is a war to claim the new position,Pyra an Asipiring Charsimatic High Spirited Pheionix Fire Mage seeks the tittle of Arch Mage and make the world remember Rosenwell the house of the former Pheonix Queen.
19th March 2017 - RPG Maker VX Ace


The story follows the painful and bittersweet journey of a young herbalist who is afraid of violence. He never want to be a hero. All he ever wanted is a peaceful life in Paula Village. However, life can be cruel, as circumstances push him into the world of lies, betrayals and… violence.
23rd December 2015 - RPG Maker VX Ace


Explore the testing grounds of the ancient Monarchs... were they buried alive, or did they make a thriving underground metropolis?
16th April 2016 - RPG Maker XP

LuZi, Neoz Kaho, Teerapong Paojeen, B.o.N.

Revenant Gods sets in the world based on Norse mythology. It tells the story of Rain, a simple young bow
destined to be entangled with the turmoil between the three great nations of the world. Caught between the conflict
of world peace and the rising of the world-eater dragon Nidhoggr, where would Rain stand?
Follow him to the end of the end of the world, Ragnarok as he cuts through the enemies in this fast-paced adventure!
10th April 2015 - RPG Maker VX Ace

Michael Anthony Gamoras

This is a Rpg Maker Vx Ace project that started in 2014 and has continually had outstanding effects. A team of 17 members are constantly watching and developing the story and the unique system. We use scripts from Yanfly and Altier Rggs. The introduction is beautifully told by a Wizard and his apprentice and so you get the feel that this will be something you want to play and try to understand the characters. The characters are sprites but in HD form. We do not use the traditional sprites. So
21st November 2015 - RPG Maker VX Ace

GermanyXItaly1000, Kitsuki

Naoyuki lives in discontentment. Each moment is uniform, dull and grey. Until one night he stumbles across an old temple...
27th February 2016 - RPG Maker MV

KasumiTakeshi, Adam Neugaard

Symphosis is a Modern RPG about a Musician recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia, who, along with voices, hears music that has never been heard before.